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  •  CLICK HERE for SPRING 2017 Course Descriptions!
  • russia We are launching a new Signature course "Russia: Between Empire and Nation" (01:860:272) in Fall 2017, taught by Prof. Bojanowska.  The course, which combines two weekly lectures with a  discussion section, is worth 4 credits and satisfies SAS Core Requirement 21C and AHp.  For full description, click here.
  •  Announcing Professor Van Buskirk's book release!Lydia Ginzburg's Prose: Reality in Search of Literature (Princeton University Press)

Van Buskirk LydiaGinzburgsProse

In this pioneering study, based on a decade's work in the archives, Professor Van Buskirk focuses on Lydia Ginzburg's quest for a new kind of writing adequate to her times, and presents the author as a figure of previously unrecognized innovation and importance in the literary landscape of the twentieth century. Searching for a new concept of the self, and deeming the psychological novel inadequate to express this concept, Ginzburg turned to fragmentary narratives that blur the lines among history, autobiography, and fiction. This full account of Ginzburg's writing career in many genres and emotional registers enables us not only to rethink the experience of Soviet intellectuals, but to arrive at a new understanding of writing and witnessing during a horrific century.

  • Take a look at this wonderful animated film by a student in one of our courses! Eliza J. Brennessel's animated short is based on Gogol's short story, "The Nose". Eliza made this video for the course "Laughter Through Tears: The Comic Tradition in Russian Literature," taught by visiting instructor James McGavran in Spring 2014.
  • Congratulations to Professor Van Buskirk, who was awarded the Board of Trustees Research Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence in May 2015!


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