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Emily S. Van Buskirk
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Harvard University
B.A., Princeton University

15 Seminary Place, Room 4121
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(848) 932-4082

Fall 2016 Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:00pm-4:00pm 



Research Interests:

Russian and Czech prose of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Self-writing, in-between genres (documentary literature, semi-autobiographical fictions, essays); Lydia Ginzburg; narrative theory and theory of the novel; everyday life; representations of war and siege; Czech and Russian film; the culture of the thaw; gender and sexuality; memory and history; selfhood and ethics.


Rutgers Board of Trustees Research Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence, 2015

National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer Stipend 2013

Center for Cultural Analysis (Rutgers University), Faculty Fellowship (2010-2011)

Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies (2008-2009)

Whiting Fellowship in the Humanities (2007-2008)

Social Science Research Council, International Dissertation Research Fellowship (2005-2006)

Frederick Sheldon Traveling Fellowship (2005-2006)

V. M. Setchkarev Memorial Prize for Best Graduate Student Essay (2006)

FLAS Academic Year Scholarship (2003-2004 Czech, 2004-2005 Russian)

Harvard Fainsod Scholarship (2001-2002)

Fulbright Scholarship, Czech Republic (1998-1999)

Publications (selected):


Lydia Ginzburg's Prose: Reality in Search of Literature (Princeton University Press, 2016)

Edited Volumes:

Lydia Ginzburg’s Alternative Literary Identities. A volume of solicited articles and translations. Co-edited with Andrei Zorin. Peter Lang AG (2012).

Lidiia Ginzburg, Prokhodiashchie kharaktery. Zapiski blokadnogo cheloveka. Proza voennykh let. (Passing Characters. Notes of a Blockade Person. Prose from the War Years.) Co-edited, commentary, index, articles, with Andrei Zorin. (Moscow, Novoe izdatel’stvo: January 2011).

 Articles, Reviews, Translations:

"Fragmenty s otstupleniiami: Lidiia Ginzburg v nachale puti" ("Fragments with Digressions: Lydia Ginzburg at the Beginning of her Path"). Review of Stanislav Savitsky's Chastnyi chelovek: L.Ia. Ginzburg v kontse 1920-x—nachale 1930-x godov. Novoe literature obozrenie No. 128 (2014): 328-336.

"Lidiia Ginzburg i postindividualisticheskii chelovek" ("Lydia Ginzburg and the Post-individualist Person"). In History and Subjectivity in Russian (late 19th-20th centuries). Conference Volume. European University in St. Petersburg, 2013, 511-529.

“Varieties of Failure: Ginzburg’s Character Analyses from the 1930s and 1940s,” in Lydia Ginzburg’s Alternative Literary Identities (2012).

Lidiia Ginzburg.  “Zapisi 50-60-kh godov” (“Notes from the 1950s-60s”), publication, introduction, commentaries, Seans (Séance) no. 51-52 (2012): 310-321.

Lidiia Ginzburg, “Prezumptsia sotsializma,” (“The Presumption of Socialism,”) publication, commentary, and  introductory article “Ginzburg i perestroika” (“Ginzburg and Perestroika”), with Andrei Zorin, Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie 116 (2012).

“Recovering the Past for the Future: Guilt, Memory, and Lidiia Ginzburg’s Notes of a Blockade Person,” Slavic Review 69. 2 (Summer 2010): 281-305.

“Lidiia Ginzburg on Elena Shvarts,” Slavonica 16. 2 (November 2010): 139-143.

Review of Pavel Brycz’s I, City in Slavic and East European Journal 53. 2 (Summer 2009).

“‘Nikto ne plachet nad tem, chto ego ne kasaetsia’: Chetvertyi ‘Razgovor o liubvi’ Lidii Ginzburg (podgotovka teksta, publikatsia i vstupitel’naia stat’ia Emily Van Buskirk. Perevod E. Kanishchevoi) (“‘No one cries over what doesn’t concern him’: Lidiia Ginzburg’s Fourth ‘Conversation about Love’”: text, publication, introductory article), Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie 88 (2007):154-168.

“‘Samo-otstranenie’ kak eticheskii i esteticheskii printsip v proze L.Ia. Ginzburg” (“Self-distancing as an Ethical and Aesthetic Principle in the Prose of Lydia Ginzburg”), Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie 81 (2006): 261-281.

Russian Formalism,” The Literary Encyclopedia, 4 December 2006. The Literary Dictionary Company.

Translations of poems by Czech authors Michal Ajvaz and Jana Štroblová, Ezra: an Online Journal of Translation, Spring 2007 Vol. I No. 1.

Courses Taught at Rutgers:


Stories of Russian Life: Memory, Invention, Experience (860:348) satisfies Core goals AH o, p; WC d
The Second World War in Russian Literature and Film (860:349)
Gender and Sexuality in Russian Literature (860:435, 195:395 and 988:435)
Love and Death in the Russian Short Story (860:322) satisfied Core goals AH o, p; WCd
Reading Russian Literature in Russian (860:315)
Russian Literature and Revolution (860:260) satisfies Core goal AH p
Post-war Czechoslovak Culture: Literature and Film (861:455 and 195:480:02)
SAS Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar: Stories of the Self (090:292:02)


Russian Literary Theory: Formalism, Bakhtin, Ginzburg, Lotman (16:195:617:01)
Self Writing (16:195:516:02)

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