Q I speak Russian at home, but I can't read or write. Should I take 860:101-102?
A No. If you do, you might risk not getting credit for them from SAS. We have created a course, 860:207, for students who have some proficiency in speaking Russian but who have never formally studied it and who cannot read or write. The fastest and most accurate way to make sure you're taking the correct course for your level of knowledge is to take a placement test. More information on placement tests can be found here.

Q I speak Polish at home but I can't read or write. What course should I take?
A You should speak to the Program Director before registering for any course.

Q I speak Hungarian at home but I can't read or write. What course should I take?
At the present time there are no courses in the Hungarian language being offered.

Q When are placement tests given and how do I register for them?
A Placement tests for Russian and Polish are now online. You can take them at any time. More information on placement tests can be found here.

Q Can I get college credit for passing a placement exam in a language?
A No. Placement tests determine your level of proficiency; they do not reflect work done in a course. It can be used to certify that you have a certain level of proficiency, but you cannot receive college credit. 

Q What is an "Independent Study"?
A A student who wishes to deepen his or her knowledge of a subject through guided research with a faculty member may decide to register for independent study. It is intended as an opportunity to develop a pre-determined topic in depth and normally results in a research paper.

Q How many independent studies can I count toward the Russian major or minor?
A Normally, only one independent study can be used to satisfy the course requirements for the Russian major or minor. Special exceptions can be made. Please see the Program Director for more information.

Q What about "Special Topics"?
A Special topics courses are ways that we can offer courses that cover material or topics that we may not normally offer. Normally, each time a Special Topics course is offered it has a different content so you may take several Special Topics courses during your studies at Rutgers. If your college dean needs a letter from us for stating that these are different courses, we can provide one. 

Q Which courses fulfill SAS Core Requirements?
A Click here for our current list.

Q Is there a way I can help support Russian and East European Studies at Rutgers?
A We gratefully accept gifts of money to help support our academic programs and students who wish to study abroad. Please click here to learn more about how to support our program.

Q Can I get something translated from Russian, Polish, or Hungarian into English?
A We're sorry, but our department no longer provides translation services.

Q I have a suggestion for the website.
A This website is meant to help you, and we value your input. Please send all comments, questions and concerns to Program Coordinator Elizabeth deWolfe at

Q I still can't find the answers I'm looking for.
A We're sorry to hear that! Please give the department a call at 848-932-7781 or contact the Program Coordinator Elizabeth deWolfe at